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Poland : Mogilno (Underground Gas Storage in Salt cavern)


Country: Poland
Site: Mogilno (Poznan)
Cliente: Polish Oil and Gas Company - Warsaw
Plant type: Underground Gas Storage in Salt cavern 
Plant size: H.P. gas injection capacity to the salt caverns ca 400.000 Nm3/h, Gas withdrawal capac. to the national system max.900.000 Nm3/h
Scope of work :* 2 Turbocompressors units driven by gas turbine 10 MW each, 1 Reciprocating compressor driven by gas engine 2,3 MW, Gas manifold to / from 8 caverns, Gas metering station to /from U.G.S., Measuring and gas press. Reduction station for U.G.S needs, Central control station, All utilities, pipes, electric and metering systems for U.G.S, Operation purposes.
Contract value: * 53 M USD
Period: 1996 - 1998

* SADELMI Portion